why drink lively cold pressed juice

The best way to get your nutrients from fruits and vegetables is to eat them raw, fresh and organic. Cold-pressing is an exceptional method of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables to retain more of the phytonutrients, vitamins and enzymes.  Lively 16 Oz juice is made from two to four pounds of fruits and vegetables (that’s more than you can eat raw over several days)

We’re passionate about the drinking juice for the health benefits.  Juice that is fresh, raw, pressed from organic produce and consumed within 5 days of being pressed will be more nutrient dense.

We’re local, we create our organic foods and juices in small batches. We store and serve your cold pressed juice in glass bottles—never plastic—love your body and our planet!

Glass bottles are:

  • Non-reactive

  • Non-leachin

  • Reusable

  • Made from an abundant natural resource: sand

Why we don’t HPP

High Pressure Processing or HPP and other forms of pasteurization reduce the microbial content in juice. While it may extend shelf-life of the juice (for more than a month) HPP drastically, affects the nutritional value of the juice as many of the nutrients are not shelf stable.  Juice that can sit on a shelf for up too a month isn’t fresh and is not going to have that health benefits as fresh, unprocessed juice.